ButtonBar+ - Help

1) Installing ButtonBar+

safariextzAfter purchasing and downloading ButtonBar+, locate the file on your computer and double-click it.
Safari will ask you if you are sure you want to install — click install and you're done.

2) Registering ButtonBar+

bbp-regButtonBar+ must be activated before it is fully operational. You activate ButtonBar+ by entering the Username and Registration Code that you received by email after buying it. Launch Safari and open the Safari Preferences (cmd+, on Mac or Ctrl+, on Windows). Click on the Extensions tab and then select ButtonBar+ from the left column

Paste in your Username and Registration Code, then close the Safari Preferences window and the activation process is then complete.

3) Showing & Hiding ButtonBars

toggle-bbpOnce ButtonBar+ is installed you should see a new icon on your Safari toolbar. When you click on the icon the ButtonBar+ Menu opens. Select the first item "Show / Hide ButtonBars…". A sub-menu will open, and from there you can choose how may ButtonBars you want to be visible. (You can move the icon on the Safari toolbar to a different position by cmd + dragging it to a new position).

4) Adding Bookmarks

bbp-addYou add new bookmarks to ButtonBar+ by clicking on the “+” icon at the left-hand side of the ButtonBar. The URL that is currently open will be used. You will be asked to name the bookmark, then click “OK” and you're done — the ButtonBar will update instantly. If no URL is currently open in Safari (for example, if you have the Top Sites, or History page open, you will be asked for the URL as well).

5) Opening the Preferences Panel

bbp-addYou open the Preferences Panel by clicking on the “gear” icon at the left-hand side of the ButtonBar.

6) Naming the Bookmark Category

You name the Bookmark Category by entering a name/description in the “Category Name” field at the top of the Preferences Panel. The name will appear in the ButtonBar+ Menu (see below) where you can select which category you want to display in each ButtonBar.


7) Customizing Bookmark Categories


You can customize the look of each new Bookmark Category you create individually — or you can apply a style globally to all categories. You customize the Bookmark Categories by using the drop-down menus at the top of the Preferences Panel. You can choose from 10 different bar styles, 2 different button types and 3 different alignments — 60 possible combinations! You can also choose whether to display the category name or number on on the ButtonBar


8) Reordering Bookmarks

You can reorder the bookmarks in each Bookmark Category by moving them up or down in the hierarchy. Select the associated “↑↓” drop-down menu, and choose to move the bookmark up or down.


9) Deleting Bookmarks

You delete bookmarks from a Buttonbar Category by clicking the associated “delete” button in the Preferences Panel.


10) Customizing Bookmarks


You can customize your bookmarks by assigning different 'label' colors to them (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white) and by adding dividers between groups of bookmarks. Open the Preferences Panel, and select a label color from the the associated drop-down menu for each bookmark. Checking the “divider” checkbox will add a divider directly after the bookmark.


11) Changing between Bookmark Categories


You can choose which Bookmark Category you wish to display in each ButtonBar by clicking on the arrow icon on each bar to move through the categories.

Alternatively you can click the checkbox on the far-left of the ButtonBar, and the select the chosen category from the main ButtonBar+ Menu.


If you have enabled to display sub-menus in the Preference Panel, you select the category using the first entry in the sub-menu.


12) Creating a new Bookmark Category

You create a new Bookmark Category by opening the ButtonBar+ Menu and selecting “Add New Bookmark Category”. The newly created category will be added to the bottom of the list.


13) Reordering Bookmark Categories in the Menu

By opening the ButtonBar+ Menu and selecting either “Move Selected Categorry Up” or “Move Selected Category Down”, you can change the position of the currently selected Bookmark Category in the menu.


14) Deleting a Bookmark Category

Selecting “Delete Current Bookmark Category” in the ButtonBar+ Menu will delete the currently selected Bookmark Category and any bookmarks that it contains.


15) Adding colored icons to the ButtonBar+ Menu


You can change the color of the icons in the ButtonBar+ Menu for each individual ButtonBar. For instance you could add a red icon to a ButtonBar for easy identification.

To change the icon color, open the Preferences Panel for the ButtonBar, then use the 'menu icon' drop down menu to select a new color for the icon. The next time you open the ButtonBar+ Menu, the icon will be updated to the new color.


16) Adding Sub-Menus in the ButtonBar+ Menu


You can set each Bookmark Category to display as a sub-menu in from the main ButtonBar+ Menu. This way you can also use the ButtonBar+ Menu for quick access to all your bookmarks.

17) Importing & Exporting Bookmarks

ButtonBar+ allows you to import and export all your bookmark data. In this way, you can make a backup that you can restore from at a later data. You can also use this feature to import bookmarks from ButtonBar into ButtonBar+.

First you must open the Backup / Restore Panel. Open the ButtonBar Menu and select “Backup / Restore…”



To make a backup of all your ButtonBars, select all the data in the left (BACKUP) column and paste it into a blank text document and save it.

To make a backup of the current ButtonBar only, select the “current bar” radio button and then copy and paste all the data from the left (BACKUP) column into a blank text document and save it.


To restore all ButtonBars from a previous backup, make sure the “all bars” radio button is checked, then paste the data from a backup into the right (RESTORE) column and click “Restore all bars from backup”.

To restore a single ButtonBar from a backup, make sure the “current bar” radio button is selected, then paste the data from a backup of a single bar into the right (RESTORE) column and click “Restore the current bar from backup”. Restoring the current bar will overwrite all data in the current bar with the backup. If you don't want to overwrite the data, create a new blank bar first and import the backup into it.

18) ButtonBar+ Backup & Restore Mini-Apps (Mac Only)

If you're using Mac, instead of using the Backup & Restore panel you will find it much easier and quicker to use these two Mini-Apps.

ButtonBar+ Backup and ButtonBar+ Restore mini apps

Just download them and move them to your Applications folder. When you run ButtonBar+ Backup it asks you to name your backup file. Simply type a filename and all your bookmarks will be backed up to a folder in you Documents folder.

When you run ButtonBar+ Restore, first of all, if Safari is running it will quit then you will see a list of all your backups. Select the one you want to restore and click OK. Safari will re-open and all your bookmarks will be restored.

Download ButtonBar+ Backup & ButtonBar+ Restore →

Note: these two mini-apps require the ButtonBar+ Safari Extension on Mac to function.

Technical Info

Troubleshooting & Known Issues

ButtonBar+ and Safari's 'Private Browsing' feature

Please note: This issue has been fixed in Safari 5.1.4 and so only applies to previous versions of Safari help-private-browsing

If you quit Safari whilst using the Private Browsing feature, the ButtonBar toolbars will not be available the next time you launch Safari (see image below). This issue affects all extensions /web apps that use html localStorage to store data. The cure is to quit Safari and re-launch — everything will be back to normal, and if you have altered ButtonBar in any way whilst using Private Browsing, the changes you have made will still be there.

Full Screen Mode — Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)

ButtonBar+ is not visible when using Full Screen Mode on Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion). This is how Apple have chosen to implement Extensions with Full Screen Mode and it is true for all Safari Extensions that use toolbars.

Please note: This is no longer an issue when using Full Screen Mode in Safari 6 on Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

System Requirements

ButtonBar+ requires Safari 5.1 or greater on PC or Mac.


Improved font display in bookmark bars when using Safari 6
ButtonBar+ now has the ability to display up to 5 bookmark bars simultaneously.
Added the ability to display sub-menus in the main ButtonBar+ menu.
Added overflow menus to all bars when bookmarks overflow.
Added the ability to display the name of the current bookmark category on the bookmark bar.
Added the ability to apply styling to all bars globally.
when un-registered ButtonBar+ now has equal functionality to the ButtonBar extension.
Registration status shows in the Preferences panel
initial release


If you have any questions or feedback regarding ButtonBar+
please send an email to: buttonbar@midwinter-dg.com, or use the form below: